The Back Story

The Back Story

The Story Behind The Back Story

OK. Here is some “serious” Back Story—the beginning of our HerStories.

We were introduced to each other by Merilyn Moss, who had a calligraphy studio on Grove Street in Berkeley, California. Just down the street from David Goines’ press. It was a creative, exciting time on that block.

Judy’s Shares HerStory

Doing calligraphy was on my “bucket list” and I signed up for a class with Merilyn. When I wrote my first letter I was hooked. Merilyn later said that she could tell from that letter that I would never be a calligrapher—she hadn’t counted on the untold hours I put in practicing the art form. I was in heaven!

When Merilyn needed to take pregnancy leave, she asked me (yes, me!) if I would take over the studio while she was gone. I said yes, having no idea what I was getting myself into. I met a customer and worked on an invitation with her, saying that yes, she could have a rose on it. Never mind that I had never drawn anything remotely resembling a rose! I figured that since calligraphy is essentially extremely exact drawing, that I could draw a rose. So I had a friend sit with me as I drew—the bud kept unfolding! so once a line was “right” it sort of wasn’t “right” with the rose anymore!

At some point, I quit my part-time indoor plant store manager position and entered the world of the calligraphic entrepreneur. With no sense of how to run a business. And did it. We were now Moss & Foss.

Meredith’s Shares HerStory

I had just spent about six months “being” Barbara Bash, another Berkeley calligrapher, covering her studio while she was out of town when Merilyn approached me about joining her studio. I hesitated at first because I felt like a fake. But after spending time in another studio I decided to give it a shot. I had no clue who Judy was but trusted Merilyn and signed up. We were now Moss, Foss & Mustard.

My early experience in Moss, Foss & Mustard was exciting because we were making it up as we went along. Especially when we started teaching art classes to give our calligraphy students confidence to create art to add to their calligraphy pieces. I loved the moment we named classes like Blind Calligraphy and Ink Slinging. Trying to loosen up the students. And then creating eraser stamps and stencils. I ended up incorporating it all into my own work and still do that today.

Now, Our Current Story

It’s a work in progress! So, please, we invite you to stay tuned as Two Imagine Studios continues to emerge, grow, and evolve. We are more than excited to be reunited after all these years! But those early days together at Moss, Foss & Mustard were only the beginning of our journey.

Yippeee!!! Here we go…

Judy and Meredith, Two Imagine Studios


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  1. Karen Jenkins

    It was so much fun to find your website. I am happy for you both in refinding each other. Love the “book”work. Glad I can peek into your new life. In case you’re wondering I still have a consignment shop. Entering 30 years in business. It will be nice to follow you.

  2. Judy Tollefson

    Hi Karen!
    It’s Judy here. VERY fun to hear from you . . . I knew your name was familiar, but I couldn’t quite place you. And congrats on having a viable shop for 30 years!!
    While I’m assuming you know to sign up for the BackStory for a weekly update, I’m going to mention it anyway.
    Take care and thanks for getting in touch.

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