Energ . . . y . . . ize

Energ . . . y . . . ize

Energy Ebb and Flow

Do you ever watch your energy ebb and flow? We do.

And this week we rediscovered something about how energy works for us: we share it. A conversation revealed an interesting “condition” that exists between us (that may need rediscovery and reminding from time to time): we energize each other. This energy, when it’s firing on all cylinders, is palpable. Spiraling up and around. It’s usable energy. The fuel we need to tackle our current art calendar project.

Usable Energy

Very usable. The calendars currently in the works are finishing themselves up, in spite of us. We’re in the flow.  It is, admittedly, a bit of a grind to get them done as with any handmade, artful project, the magic is in the details. And there are many of them! But with this new artful creature ready to roam the world, we just have to oblige him! You will find him gracing (is s/he graceful?) September in “A Splash of Color”, one of the calendars for 2019.

Working in the Studio

We are working together in the Yellow Studio (what I call my art studio) this week, having survived the awful heat.  Sitting side by side, or calling to each other from room to room, Meredith and I are sailing smoothly through the project. The weather outside is gorgeous, which helps too. At this rate, the new calendars will be ready in no time at all!

Written by Judy Tollefson