Gardens, Houses & Marketing

Gardens, Houses & Marketing

Gardens, Houses & Social Marketing

Another encouragement for you to count on these DreamHouses to grace your everyday life with their beauty and charm. We want you to use them to clarify a dream, or intention, or your heart’s desire. Just slip a paper with your dream thoughtfully written out into the slot on top, and let the DreamHouse do its magic!

What’s Happening

This week in the Factory (aka The Yellow Studio) Meredith was busily making the DreamHouses you so love. Really good move! Last count: 24 (I think). Meanwhile, I hit “pause” and headed into the garden outside The Red Studio to put my feet literally “on the ground”. Hiring Melissa Paul, a Brand Integrator, to work on our social marketing, has both excited and overwhelmed me. The garden did its magic “grounding” me—not to mention getting some much needed “gardening” done.

On the Shelves

These DreamHouses—plus many more!—will be on our Virtual Shelves on Etsy soon. Their portraits need to be taken, then they have to be priced and actually put on the Virtual Shelves. We ARE getting there! Patience, please! But they are so worth the wait!