Judy Tollefson

Judy Tollefson’s Artist Statement

Judy Tollefson’s artistic abilities remained hidden from her for years and years, despite all the evidence: her graphic design work is award-winning; her needlepoint chair tops are museum-quality (says a former VP of Versace); her self-designed home—featured in Down East magazine—has caused more than one jaw to literally drop; her gardens inspire; her vacations mean time to draw and paint; her knitted Christmas stocking designs sell world-wide. Finally, at age 63, she was able to say “I’m an artist” out loud.

Judy has loved abstract art since she first saw it as a child; making it herself was elusive until she and Meredith Mustard began working together again: their synergy catapulted Judy into exciting new artistic possibilities. Including her first abstract success. Judy knows that she will continue to be awe-struck with what comes next.

Judy loves playing with typography and is continually surprised by the power of a typeface to communicate wordlessly. She is the primary one who weaves her and Meredith’s artwork into the wall calendars, creating yet another artistic style that is different from both hers and Meredith’s. Together, something totally real and completely original.

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