Meredith Mustard

Meredith Mustard’s Artist Statement

Meredith can draw. Meredith can paint. As a child she knew that and began looking beyond what she could see, asking herself if she could paint something she couldn’t see. First, using fragments of the visual elements in front of her, Meredith abstracted what she saw. That eventually led to her work today, which often originates from a scribble or an accidental series of marks. Meredith’s favorite work has followed complete failure when the outcome of her best efforts is horrid. At that moment, she can risk all because there is no longer anything to lose. Art-making has become an adventure, exploring the unknown, and discovering unimagined visions.

Looking beyond what she could see has carried Meredith Mustard to her personal frontiers and led to other questions: “What is it to be human? How far can I push an element in my creative process? Is joy enough reason to create? How many rules of convention can I break? Does it still work upside down or backward?” The questions don’t end.

Meredith has been called an Artist (with a capital A), an art therapist (she isn’t one but all art IS therapeutic), and an art teacher. She considers herself a Maker (she looks around–everything is the potential material for making something) and an Art Facilitator (Everyone is an artist! Everyone! Trust the process.)


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