Welcome to Two Imagine Studios!

Welcome to Two Imagine Studios!

Welcome to Two Imagine Studios!

Together again after all this time, making art and sharing it with you in simple, everyday ways. That’s what we do at Two Imagine Studios.

It Takes Two

Once upon a time Meredith Mustard and Judy Tollefson had a business together in Berkeley, California. It was called Two Imagine. It was award-winning. Along came a disruptive earthquake and we found ourselves on opposite sides of the big rift.

Now we find ourselves very much together on the East Coast. With a new business called Two Imagine Studios. Judy in Farmington, Maine and Meredith in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. While computers assist us in collaborating on artful projects over the distance, it is not the same as sharing the same space. So we are committed to spending one week a month together, either in Farmington or Bryn Mawr.

Whatever It Takes

We travel a lot: Judy by train and Meredith by car. We play. We design. We create. We bring art to life that speaks to each of us, and hopefully, to you as well.

We Create Art for Everyday

Truly original art created by us, as individual artists working in tandem, to design beautiful everyday items like calendars, greeting cards, paintings, gift enclosure cards, and so much more.

Custom-crafted, artful objects by Two Imagine Studios. Welcome, we’re happy you’re joining us here on the journey.

Written by Meredith Mustard (on the left) and Judy Tollefson (on the right)