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Waylaid by Beauty

Waylaid by Beauty

When doing the weekly artwork for this week’s The Back Story (our mostly weekly artsy newsletter), I never know where it’s going to start. Will a quotation spark me in the right creative direction? Or, maybe a piece of artwork in a gallery I stop into? Or, it could be as simple as an “inclination to express something” that occurs to me. Where the art bubbles up from is never the same, week to week. Moment to moment. I’m just happy when it arrives!

Autumn Leaves

However, this week Inspiration showed up exactly as it should have… from the mysteriously elusive glorious fall colors bursting outside The Red Studio.  I am waylaid by beauty! And I wish you could all see the fall foliage surrounding the house. Autumn in New England, in a rainbow of burnt oranges, chartreuses, ochres, and reds, is all the inspiration needed. Enjoy! — Judy

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